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These Candyman lace designs from the brand’s 2015 Collection take the sex appeal of lace in so many different directions, you’ll be occupied all summer long. Some are revealing with more lace than he can handle. Some use even less to be truly revealing. But no matter which of these 10 ways Candyman cuts it, these lace pairs of underwear bring a fun, playful flavor to the bedroom.

Guys taking their first steps on the wild side would appreciate the “modesty” of the Touch of Lace Brief 99117 ($19.48). Like the name says, this Candyman lace designs features a discrete amount of the sex material. It’s colorblocked to the tips and tease nothing that isn’t PG-13. The Touch of Lace Brief has a classic brief silhouette. A sex red color covers the rear, and accents a black pouch for a little sporty flair. Made from a blend of 93% Nylon and 7% Elastane, the brief even has an athletic form-fit.

Guys deep into their love of fetish underwear would skip ahead to the Double Up Lace Jockstrap 99131 ($22.48). This Candyman lace look can’t get enough of the brand’s favorite things. The lace is doubled up for a jock-style and thong-style coverage on the rear. The lace straps are sexy as it is. Then they’re connected to the waistband by teasing straps. This looks is made from 91% Polyester and 9% Elastane, giving the design a sexy wet-look finish.

The Lace Boudoir Jockstrap 99090 ($28.48) is just as indulgent with all things naughty. Sexy cutouts tease both sides of your package, and a good amount of lace is used to bring the sensual fabric to the forefront. But it’s the dose of lace on the back, and jock-style straps, that make this one of the best Candyman lace looks from the 2015 Collection. It’s even made from the same material as the Touch of Lace Brief, and has the same sexy fit for maximum lace appeal.

These Candyman lace designs are available in sizes S – XL.

Which of the 10 Candyman lace designs from the 2015 Collection is your favorite? Do you like your lace minimal or done to the max? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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  1. Ray says:

    Wow, love the leather and lace look, seems to me there are a lot of guys out there being wowed by the beau in a lace jock strap

  2. Rohan says:

    I would like to purchase a lace dominator boxer 99086. Please let me know how much it is and how I can place this order. Thanks

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