Run Wild In Trippy aussieBum Pro-Fit Leggings

aussieBum Pro-Fit

The four new aussieBum Pro-Fit Leggings ($52.92) are designed with energetic colors and trippy designs. Both help to get your energy pumping. But it’s their compression fit (85% microfibre polyester, 15% elastane) that makes them perfect for your workout. Go beyond conventional style, and beyond your self-imposed limitations with aussieBum Pro-Fit Leggings.

The wildest of the ausseieBum Pro-Fit Leggings are the Js-40 and Mi-50 variations. Where the other two keep it relatively cool with black and white contrasts, these players are al about dynamic punches of color. The Js-40 Pro-Fit Legging almost looks aquatic with its design or organic green and blue shapes. Mi-%0 is more like street art. Among the trippy activity, you can make out a graffiti-style mouth and spaded tail.

The other two aussieBum Pro-Fit Leggings are darker, and by no means less capable or putting their attention in a chokehold. The Sa-20 Pro-Fit Leggings have a kind of camouflage design of black, grey, and light blue. If you could call any of the aussieBum Pro-Fit Leggings toned down, this is it. The Xh-70 Pro-Fit Leggings are just as bold. They’re the only design without any pops of colors. Instead, a tribal-style design of black and white goes for an edgier look.

aussieBum Pro-Fit Leggings are available in sizes S – XL.

Which of the aussieBum Pro-Fit Leggings would you have your best workout in? Are you man enough to rock leggings to the gym? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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