Review: Strap Up in the Andrew Christian Spider Thong

Andrew Christian Trophy Boy Boxer

Item Reviewed: Andrew Christian Trophy Boy Spider Thong

About the product: A limited edition addition to the Trophy Boy lineup, the Andrew Christian Spider Thong comes in a variety of colors, each with neon straps that glow under a black light. There are two of these neon straps that go around your legs to meet up and attach to the back strap that goes between your cheeks. The design offers minimal coverage, but there’s plenty of room up front in the hang-free pouch that comes with zero cups or padding. The thin Trophy Boy waistband has a low-rise front, made from 95% cotton and 5% spandex.

What we like: This is an ultra-new take on the thong — and it’s one that works. The double sided straps, which can be tricky the first few times you step through them, add interest to a style that’s usually incredibly sparse and, as a result, simple. The tiny scrap of fabric beneath the back waistband pulls all these pieces together and centers the tight thong strap right where it should go. It’s a design element worthy of any Trophy Boy. The front pouch is just as impressive. The roomy hang-free construction allows for plenty of movement and puts what matters up front. The unique Trophy Boy waistband lets others know, too, that you’re invested in a design that wins.

When we’d wear them: The neon straps make this a nightclub-ready design. Just find a black light, and they’ll give you all the contouring you need to show off what counts.

Who we’d recommend them to: Men who like a tight backend and a spacious front.

In three words: Tight. Strappy. Hung.


For more information on this brand: Andrew Christian

Photo Credit: Andrew Christian

Product Supplied by Andrew Christian


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