Review: Rufskin Cole Jockstrap

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Item reviewed: Rufskin Cole Jockstrap – ($28)

About the product: The Rufskin Cole Jockstrap is made from 95% cotton and 5% spandex. This is your basic good ol’ fashion jockstrap,except that the straps lifting your butt are 1.5” thick where the brand imprint the word “RUFSKIN” on them.  This jockstrap is your classic all white jockstrap that sits low at the waist but they play with the negative and positive of black and white colors on the straps.  On one side, it’s “RUFSKIN” in black on the white band and on the other side, it’s “RUFSKIN” (backwards), in White on a black background.  This is achieved with a double knit elastic band. Coverage is average, in other words, it doesn’t feel like your “stuff” isn’t held together securely.

What we like: The thick elastic band is really strong and prominent.  It’s pumps up the butt cheeks for those of us that are not naturally gifted with the so called “bubble butt”.

What we don’t like: Wash with whites only!!  The white is not so bright anymore even in a cold wash with the other delicates. Being mostly cotton, it shrinks a little also. Rufskin traditionally runs a teeny big, so some might prefer the shrinkage.

When we’d wear them: To the gym, especially after the workout in the locker room where you might want to impress your fellow gym buddies with your nice behind.

Who we’d recommend them to: Guys who want to plump up their behind.

In three words: Sporty. Pump. Classic.


For more information on this brand: Rufskin

Photo Credit: Rufskin

Product Supplied by Rufskin


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