Review: Pikante Lollipop Thong, Taste the Double Rainbow

Pikante Lollipop Thong

Item Reviewed: Pikante Lollipop Thong

About the product: The low-rise Pikante Lollipop Thong has more fabric than most thongs, but still packs very minimal coverage. A double rainbow waistband and the black, see-through mesh pouch are made from 80% nylon and 20% spandex. A gel-like plastic Pikante logo is sewn into the front above the pouch.

What we like: The double waistband is an interesting new take on the thong style. Pikante’s twin straps cover a bit more skin, but the overall design creates two little windows of leg that are tantalizing in every sense of the word. While mixing a double rainbow with black mesh could, by some, be considered a questionable design decision, it’s one that suits the brand’s regular streak of adventurousness.

When we’d wear them: To Carnivale in Rio.

Who we’d recommend them to: A Brasilero or someone with a darker skin tone to mellow out that rainbow.

In three words: Rainbow. Mesh. Rainbow.

Pikante Lollipop Thong
Pikante Lollipop Thong

For more information on this brand: Pikante

Photo Credit: Pikante

Product Supplied by Pikante


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