Review: Pikante Jupiter Thong

Pikante Jupiter Thong

Item Reviewed: Pikante Jupiter Thong

About the product: Made of 93% polyester and 7% spandex, the Pikante Jupiter Thong comes with a stretchy metallic shimmer. The front pouch is open, providing minimal coverage, while the rear takes a traditional thong approach. The low-rise waistband is thick and secure. Three supportive rings hang down from the front to provide a harness for what counts.

What we like: The Pikante Jupiter Thong is all about the sex appeal. Minimal rear coverage, the shine of the thong itself, and the full exposure in the front make this one of the sexiest pieces of underwear out there. Open pouch means no pouch, and the only support you’re getting is from the rings holding everything in place. This is a thong that leaves nothing to the imagination, but, tantalizingly, puts everything on display.
When we’d wear them: Only on the wildest of nights.
Who we’d recommend them to: The exhibitionist in you who’s looking to spice up a boring bedroom, Pikante-style.
Describe these underwear in 3 words: Metallic. Exposed. Sex.
For more information on this brand: Pikante
Photo Credit: Pikante
Product Supplied by Pikante

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