Review: Milkman Hardman Brief

Milkman Hardman Brief

Item Reviewed: Milkman Hardman Brief – Concrete

About the product: The Milkman Hardman Brief is made from 95% cotton and 5% elastane. It sits below the waist and, as a brief, covers all of the essential areas while leaving the legs free to move. The pouch contains a vertical fly and a seam running along its underside for added support. The concrete grey Milkman Hardman Brief is accented with thick white trimming along the openings for the legs and fly, as well as two diagonal stripes on the front and a trim just under the waistband. The 1.5 inch waistband is also white, to match the trimming, and contains the company’s name in black several times around the band. The Milkman Hardman Brief is also available in black.

What we like: The beauty of the Milkman Hardman Brief lies in its simplicity. It doesn’t contain any complicated enhancements or boosting technology, and there isn’t any provocative mesh or see-through material. They’re simple and do what they need to do.

What we don’t like: Since they are a rather basic no-frills underwear, guys who tend to go for the flashier and more head-turning underwear might find them a bit boring or bland.

When we’d wear them: The Milkman Hardman Brief is a great everyday pair of underwear and can be worn for doing pretty much anything.

Who we’d recommend them to: A guy looking for a pair of underwear that he can put on and not have to worry about throughout the day.

In three words: Go-to. Simple. Basic.


For more information on this brand: Milkman

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