Review: Junk Underjeans Stellar Trunk

Junk Underjeans Stellar

Item reviewed: Junk Underjeans Stellar Trunk – Hot Red

About the product: The Junk Underjeans Stellar Trunk in Hot Red features alternating heather grey and red stripes with heather grey piping for a color contrast. The pouch combines a contoured design with the aforementioned contrast piping and a short cut to make your stuff look good. The waistband is one-inch thick and plushed for extra comfort, while the 92% polyester / 8% spandex blend fabric provides full coverage with a lower rise.

What we like: The look of this pair is hard to beat. It probably won’t surprise you that one of the most distinctive features of the Junk Underjeans Stellar Hot Red Trunk is its bold coloring. The match of the colors and the cut make a bold impression. We also really liked how soft the waistband is, especially since that’s something we feel like we don’t see very often.

The support in the pouch area is also fantastic, especially for a pair of trunks, and it’s clear that support comes from the short cut that lifts everything up.

What we don’t like: Though the cut offers a great look and great support in the pouch area, we found this Junk Underjeans Stellar Hot Red Trunk to be a little too tight in the butt and on the legs. Despite that tightness, we also didn’t like how the leg bands had a tendency to roll in.

Keep in mind that we tried a size up than we normally take in the Junk Underjeans Stellar, and still found these to be on the small side, so if you’re thinking about trying out this pair, consider ordering up a size from what you might normally get.

When we’d wear them: Under a pair of skinny jeans.

Who we’d recommend them to: Guys who like to show off but still keep in classy.

In three words: Fiery. Bold. Supportive.


For more information on this brand: Junk Underjeans

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