Review: Falke Men Ergonomic Boxers

Falke Men Ergonomic Boxers

Item Reviewed: Falke Men Ergonomic Boxers

About the product: Falke’s design here is a seamless boxer made from 52% polyamide, 39% polypropylene and 9% elastane. The body-mapping technology comes with pre-formed body zones and moisture wicking compression fabric that provides full coverage and full movement. Tag information is sewn into the waistband to complete the athletic approach.

What we like: The Falke Men Ergonomic Boxers feel like slipping into water. Not the cold, wet sensation, but rather one that’s soft, smooth, cool, and free. It really is an unparalleled athletic boxer. You have total movement for any activity, yet the compressed body zones keep everything right where it should be. The seamless and tag-free elements are the finishing touches on a truly amazing design for the Falke Men Ergonomic Boxers.

When we’d wear them: During any athletic activity: walking, running, hiking, rowing, weightlifting, or playing any type of sport.

Who we’d recommend them to: Serious fitness buffs who don’t mind investing in their workout.

In three words: Smooth. Seamless. Supportive.


For more information on this brand: Falke

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