Review: Diëtz Milano Mini Bikini

Diëtz Milano Mini Bikini

Item Reviewed: Diëtz Milano Mini Bikini – Red

About the Product: The Diëtz Milano Mini Bikini is composed of 84% polyamide and 16% elastane. Sporting an ultra low-rise waist and high-cut legs, the Diëtz Milano Mini Bikini lives up to its name with minimal coverage. Roughly quarter inch elastic surrounds the legs and waist for a slimming and stay-put fit. The pouch is contoured and designed to lift and support the front.

What we like: For a tiny little bikini, the Diëtz Milano Mini Bikini packs a serious punch. Support and comfort are completely unreal for underwear this size. Elastic and fabric surrounding the pouch doesn’t dig, but almost seams to keep your package floating throughout the day. This ultra low-rise waisted mini bikini reveals just enough to keep your partner’s imagination going.

Once you try these on you won’t want to take them off.

What we don’t like: Wish they had more styles and colors in this line. You don’t really want to wear the same underwear everyday, or people just might start to wonder.

When we’d wear them: A date with an adventurous chick out on the town. Surprising your lover with a new spicy look.

Who we’d recommend them to: Men with the confidence and goods to sport a mini bikini. Guys looking to try and add some sex appeal to their rotation and don’t want to sacrifice comfort.

In three words: Stallion. Micro. Sleek.


For more information on this brand: Diëtz

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