Ready To Wrestle? Get Your Sexy Candyman Singlets 2015


Just like all of Candyman’s designs, the new Candyman Singlets 2015 are not for the shy and timid men of the world. Each of the designs brings kinkiness to the forefront – some even do it with fetish materials for a harder hitting look. No matter your taste in singles, prepare to have yourself expertly exposed with these sexy new Candyman Singlets 2015.

The Candyman Sleek Zip Singlet Thong ($29.48) is like a neck tie that’s long enough to form a pouch, wrap under your bum like a thong, and run up to form a racer style back. The snug-fitting material (91% polyester, 9% elastane) has a faux leather finish – as if the look wasn’t erotic enough. But what really makes this Candyman Singlet 2015 a sexy player is a functioning zipper that runs all the way down the front.

The Candyman Black Hardcore Singlet ($24.48) is made from more of the same faux leather material. Where the other is esentially one long strap, the Black Hardcore Singlet is for men who like their sexwear strappy. This week has a jock-style rear and a Y-style back to make some provocative lines on your skin. The jock-style rear even gives your backside a boost.

For a more tame Candyman Singlet 2015, the Boxer Suspenders ($28.80) looses the faux-leather finish for a smooth, sleek-fitting material (93% polyester, 7% elastane). It still shows more skin than the average singlet, thanks to its narrow back and super low-rise waist. Like the Black Hardcore Singlet, this Candyman design is made with a contoured pouch for flattering definition.

But if you’re a man who would throw a Candyman Costume Party, there’s no beating the latest Candyman Singlet Costume ($33.90). It’s built the same as the Boxer Suspenders, but in orange, and with the word “GUILTY” printed on the rear. And if you still don’t get the picture, it comes with handcuffs included.

Candyman Singlets 2015 are available in sizes S – XL.

Which of the new Candyman Singlets 2015 are you bold enough to wear? Do you always accessorize your singlets with handcuffs? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: Candyman

Photo Credit: Candyman

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