How To Properly Spend Your Marco Marco Gift Cards

Marco Marco Gift Cards

If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on some Marco Marco gift cards, The Underwear Expert has some knowledge to drop on how to spend those digital dollars. Marco Marco gift cards come in amounts of $10, $25, $50, $100, and have no additional processing fees.

Shipping is whatever for Marco Marco gift cards. You’re already saving money with the Marco Marco gift cards, so there’s no need to be cheap. That being said, this is how The Underwear Expert would haul in the Marco Marco booty. A few things: we want our Marco Marco looks to be very Marco Marco looks, if you know what we mean. They have nice basics in awesome colors, but if we’re treating ourselves to Marco Marco, we want something bright, wild, and maybe with a little MM logo.

$10 – MM Crew Socks ($15)


Why do $10 Marco Marco gift cards exist? Give us a $10 card, so we can tip a server off of it. If you were gifted a $10 Marco Marco gift card from an aunt who’s just trying to show you she’s cool, use it to snag a $5 pair of MM Crew Neck Socks. They’re made from ultra-wicking acrylic and are super comfortable. The neon accents also give a little flair to the white socks.

$25 – Any Marco Marco Tee ($25)


Marco Marco Tees are almost made to be the evolved form of your $25 Marco Marco gift card(s). Fans of Marco Marco’s more daring looks may go for the yellow Emoji Tee. The other tees are all black with awesome minimal accents. The Marco Marco Tees come with the brand logo perfectly placed in white vinyl, pink vinyl, or metallic. Then the Love You Tee is just as sassy as it is adorable, and better for guys who like to rep less branded looks.

$50 – Grey Kaleidoscope Brief ($32) or Geo Spiral Brief ($32), and MM Crew Socks ($15)


$50 Marco Marco gift cards are enough to redeem for the brand’s higher priced briefs. This includes brief designs with revealing mesh backs. Most of these are styled with colorblocked neon. The Geo Spiral Brief is instead designed with a cool geometric pouch and attractive blue-green leg seams. The Grey Kaleidoscopic Brief is even more geometric, and makes for an awesomely sexy and versatile pair of underwear.

$50 – Any Marco Marco Snapback ($38-$42)

Untitled-5If you can rock a hat, rock a Marco Marco Snapback. $50 Marco Marco gift cards can land you any and all of the designers snapbacks. This includes four Emoji Snapbacks that make humorous, conversation-worthy accessories every time, and four classier-looking MM Snapbacks. There is also the sportier Third Eye Metallic Snapback with a darker yellow contrast.

$100 – Mesh-Back Zip-Up – Midnight Black ($98)


Any Mesh Back Zip-Up will turn $100 Marco Marco gift cards into money well spent. The Midnight Black variation is the most versatile. Black will pair more easily than the Turquoise, White, and Yellow 2 Tone variations. And because the mesh-back is also black, it stands out slightly less. Without the contrast, the black Mesh-Back Zip-Up is sexy, yet passable as a casual look.

$100 – On Sale Sport Short ($68) and Solid Boxer Briefs ($25)


Marco Marco Sport Shorts are on sale. A.K.A., they are calling for unredeemed gift cards! The Black Sport Short is more erotic than the Green/Fuchsia and Red/Blue variations. Its mesh is more transparent and brings out the fetish side of the pleather-like seams. Marco Marco’s solid boxer briefs are on the opposite end, and take up the remaining money. But with $32, you could also go for a brief.

How would you spend your Marco Marco gift cards? Would you use it to make something pricey more affordable? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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