Play to Win with Andrew Christian Trophy Boy

Andrew Christian Trophy Boy

The Andrew Christian Trophy Boy Collection is one that’s had fans salivating for more ever since its launch. Complete with Andrew Christian’s usual wild colors, the Trophy Boy series comes in jock, brief, trunk and boxer styles, plus the brand’s adventurous design spinoffs (see the XPose Boxer or the Strapless Jock). And instead of the Andrew Christian logo splattered across the waist, each Andrew Christian Trophy Boy pair has its own brand spelled out in thick colored letters on either a wide-set waistband or across a smooth, premium-fabric rear. The letters spell the collection’s name: Trophy Boy — so that everyone knows that you play to win.

This season, the Andrew Christian Trophy Boy Collection gets a whole new round of underwear updates to make sure that the line’s signature styles stay ahead of the game. The Trophy Boy Boxer, Brief, and Allure Thong ($27.5 – $29.70) each get color upgrades, introducing black, red, and yellow styles with aqua and neon detailing. The front’s hang-free design in each style keeps things roomy, yet the package-enhancing pouch — which is similar to the Almost Naked Collection’s pouch — makes sure you stand up to the harshest judge’s scrutiny in any underwear matchup.

Made from 93% bamboo rayon, plus 7% spandex, each style moves with your body, not against it. The extra-stretch-infused elastic waistband slims down your lower half, while the contouring rayon gives shape to every form and figure you’ve got. If that’s not enough to sell you on these limited edition colors, then you’re clearly no Andrew Christian Trophy Boy.

Which style would you wear to make yourself a Andrew Christian Trophy Boy? What do you think of the premium line’s gold status? Let us know in the comments below, or send us a tweet at @underwearexpert.

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