Papi’s Got A Hot New Lifestyle, With Andre Costa

Model Andre Costa steps into more than a few pairs of papi underwear for the brand’s latest lifestyle shots. The photoshoot – part of the brand’s current rebranding – will have you saying, “Ooh papi, have you been working out? You’re looking really good!” Yes, the brand is looking better than ever. Andre fills some of the brand’s classic designs. And it must be a hot summer day, because he wears nothing but.

Papi is one of those underwear brands that rides the line between casual and sporty, but some of their pairs focus on one more than the other. Papi’s Premium Cotton Buttonfly Boxer Brief has a classic boxer brief cut. It’s a less modern silhouette than the brand’s Brazilian trunks, but has plenty of fashion sense with a simple button fly to dress things up. Where other papi looks have a splash of neon for a hint of sportiness, the discrete boxer brief cut and button fly keep this pair fastened to the casual side.

Almost any of papi’s Brazilian trunks will provide a more contemporary style. Andre Costa models trunks from the brand’s Microflex and Cotton Stretch collections. Both collections are made from materials with a 4-way stretch that allows for a handsome, body-contouring fit. It’s a fit that’s similar to some performance underwear. But what really makes them sporty in that papi way are brightly colored accents. Blue, red, and yellow are all used for simple patterns against black body fabrics. Then on their solid versions, the bright bodies are balanced out with the iconic papi logo waistband for a masculine finish.

If you prefer your papi underwear designed with an athletic appeal, then there’s no beating papi’s idea of performance underwear. Underwear in the Microfusion Performance Collection double-dips on the bright colors for looks that draw the line between “sporty” and “active” style. Andre Costa models the blue Microfusion Fusion Performance Low Rise Brief in the photoshoot. And while his body is made for all things athletic, he literally sizzles in papi’s Ignite Me Euro Brief. The Ignite Me Collection has a pattern that resembles flames, and in its red versions, resembles a fiery censor bar. Summer Heat, you’ve met your match with Andre Costa and papi underwear.

Which pair modeled by Andre Costa was your favorite? Do you and Andre have any of the same pairs in your underwear collections? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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Photo Credit: Eduardo von Garcia

Model: Andre Costa

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