Mundo Unico Africa, Safari On-Tape

Mundo Unico Africa

Colombian brand Mundo Unico traded continents for its summer collection, releasing both the new Africa line and an accompanying Mundo Unico Africa video. Complete with tribal drums, a safari-ready Land Rover, and a canvas tent campsite, it’s a set pulled straight from the savannah – and it seriously turns up the heat.

The opening drive up into the bush features the collection’s three main print designs: stripes, solids and geometric. The man behind the wheel, Mundo Unico’s bearded explorer, sports the Botsuana, Mar Rojo, and Zebra prints, showing off his wild side. Each style comes with one of the brand’s usual wide, decorative waistbands and is available as a short or mid-boxer.

The Mundo Unico Africa shoot quickly moves into the grass and under the hood (maybe that’s why they’ve stopped for a photo op: the Land Rover broke down?). And as our adventurer changes into the Kubu, Madagascar, and Namaqua prints, playing repairman with the engine, we get front, rear, and side views of his own engine…not to mention the bright material covering it. From these shots and others, it’s clear that the Mundo Unico Africa Collection is one that’s smooth, contoured, and colorful enough to cut it on any safari – though you may have a bit of trouble staying camouflaged. And just in case this trip includes a stop at some nearby watering hole, the Mundo Unico Africa Collection included swimwear in the new lineup. It’s all enough to make us want to adventure with Mundo Unico on an African safari.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think in the comments. Ready for your own Mundo Unico Africa adventure? Send us a tweet at @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: Mundo Unico.

Video Credit: Mundo Unico

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