Marco Marco Degrees of Mesh

Marco Marco Degrees of Mesh

At the front of the pack leading this year’s mesh trend is Marco Marco, a brand defined by sleek, sexy, and colorful designs that push the envelope just enough and then some. It makes sense, then, that see-through styles strike Marco Marco’s fancy. Just in case they do the same for you, too, we’ve compiled a Marco Marco Degrees of Mesh Collection to showcase the best of the brand’s tantalizingly transparent pairs. Ranked from the least to most mouthwatering, check out these five styles for the tease in you.

1. First up in the Marco Marco Degrees of Mesh Collection is Marco Marco’s Red Lightning Brief ($32). While this pair reveals some of both regarding the front and the back, it gives just a taste of the skin you’re in. Made from an ultra-soft combo of polyester and super stretchy spandex, complete with bright red contour lining, this is a pair that dares. marco1

2. Next on the Marco Marco Degrees of Mesh List is the Mesh-Back Blacklight Brief ($32), a pink and orange majority-mesh style that covers only what really counts—the front. Hips, thighs and your dare-to-bare derrière are all covered in sleek, see-through black mesh.


3. Moving into sportswear with Marco Marco’s see-through Sport Short ($68) in the Marco Marco Degrees of Mesh Collection, here we have a style with more coverage — yet also more mesh. There’s a fine line between revealing too much versus revealing too little, but the Sport Shorts work. The peek-a-boo style gives away the leg, both front and back, but hides that intimate inner thigh and everything in between.


4. Mirroring the style of the Sport Short, the Marco Marco Prism Leggings ($150) provide more coverage and at the same time more skin. It’s that balance again between being a tease and being a tell-all exposé. The contour pouch stands out here as the twin mesh windows running down your leg, combined with some super shiny black ribbing, draw the eye up, up, and up. And just in case a full-coverage pouch is too much fabric for you, the back leaves nothing to the imagination with only a thin black coating of more mesh.


5. The best mesh out there in the Marco Marco Degrees of Mesh comes in Marco Marco’s Geo Spiral Leggings ($150). The twisting geometrics combined with Marco Marco’s super fine mesh creates such a complex web of skin and fabric that you can’t tell what’s meant to be hidden, and what’s meant to be given away. One thing’s for certain, though, you’ll have all eyes on you no matter where you wear these.


Which mesh design would you wear in the Marco Marco Degrees of Mesh looks? What do you think of see-through leggings? Would your gym still let you in the door wearing those? Let us know in the comments below or send us a tweet at @underwearexpert.

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