Large Pouches For The Well-Endowed Man


Not all men are created equally. Some of us are born with larger measurements down below – mostly for the better, but sometimes for worse. One such “worse” occasion is when trying on new underwear. It’s like trying to stuff an elephant’s trunk into a plastic grocery bag, right? Maybe not that bad, but your discomfort is just the same. The Underwear Expert is here to remind you – with this Jerrad Matthew exclusive photoshoot – that there’s underwear made for well-endowed men.

Model Brandon Wooten is one such guy, who also happens to be seriously sexy (hello, tatts and muscles). But what you can’t see is equally impressive, because this well-endowed model clearly needs the extra room his underwear gives him. N2N’s Fresh Brief is one of the L.A.-based brand’s newer designs. It stays true to their sporty sex appeal with a contoured pouch design that’s all about emphasis, especially with its contrasting center seam.

Contoured pouches are becoming the norm in men’s underwear. Even for men of average size, a simple seam provides comfortable support and, more often than not, an enhanced profile. Well-endowed men like Brandon reap the same flattering benefits, while also enjoying the extra room a center seam provides.

Andrew Christian’s entire Trophy Boy Collection is all about well-endowed men. The designer’s Trophy Boy underwear is designed with anatomical pouches similar to their Almost Naked Line. The only difference is even more room. Your package falls naturally into the snuggle pocket for a comfortable “hang-free” feel. The trick is where Andrew Christian’s pouch seam is placed. It doesn’t come down from the waistband, but up from the underwear’s seat. This makes both the Trophy Boy and Almost Naked pouches super comfortable, and equally prepared to handle well-endowed men. It provides the same contouring, but with an even more dramatic profile.

For men who want to flaunt what they’ve got, it’s hard to get more dramatic than Ergowear’s X3D pouch. Contouring seams create a “nose-shaped” design that looks like it’s coming right at you. Where most brands have their center seams stop at the middle of the seat, Ergowear brings theirs slightly forward. The rest is a boost that not only lifts your package upward, but outward as well. And because the Ergowear X3D Collection is made from a super stretchy microfiber, well-endowed guys can stop us all dead in our tracks – if they don’t trip us first.

Are you so well-endowed you need underwear built with extra room down in front? Think model Brandon Wooten fills his underwear nicely? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on these brands: Andrew Christian, Ergowear, N2N, Rufskin, Supawear

Photo Credit: Jerrad Matthew Exclusively for The Underwear Expert

Model: Brandon Wooten

Products Supplied by Andrew Christian, Great Deals Dist., N2N, Rufskin, Supawear


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  1. Chad says:

    I’m pretty well endowed, and I have to say I really love the Ergowear X3D line. Like they claim, it lifts everything up and out – just what you want. The microfiber stretches and feels sexy too. The only thing with these is that you have to be prepared to show a serious profile! For me it makes my bulge much more prominent so that it’s almost impossible to ignore – especially in jeans or dress pants.

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