Inexpensive Pairs Forever: The Comfortable Boxers Co. Kickstarter

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The Comfortable Boxers Co. is a devout believer in one fact: men overpay for over-marketed underwear, and it’s a problem. By cutting out the middle man, expensive retail stores and excess marketing, Comfortable Boxers Co.’s boxers are able to be sold at wholesale prices 50% less than most luxury brands. This means once the Comfortable Boxer Co. Kickstarter is successfully funded, each pair of Comfortable Boxers Co. boxers can be yours for $14.95.

The Comfortable Boxers Co. doesn’t just get their name from being easy on your wallet, but from their truly comfortable underwear designs. The brand’s boxer briefs are made from a smooth blend of 90% Modal. The lightweight material is highly breathable and has a sleek, luxurious texture. Modal is also absorbent and, because it’s derived from beech trees, a superior eco-friendly material. This makes their boxers an ideal every day pair. They keep the green in your pockets, and with a “green” fabric.

The Comfortable Boxers Co. Kickstarter Collection will include the brand’s boxer brief design in Navy Blue, Stone Gray, and Jet Black. All three are designed with a comfort-soft waistband that contrasts the underwear body, but in a stylishly reserved way. And keeping with the brand’s testament to simplicity, waistbands on the Comfortable Boxers Co. Kickstarter Collection are free of text and logos.

The brand’s design has a true boxer brief cut that runs about mid thigh. The high-quality design uses reinforced cross stitching, done by hand and under precise guidelines. The waistband and main fabric are also made with durable stitching. Along with the body-contouring modal, this ensures an ideal fit every time, after every wear.

Pledge $13 to the Comfortable Boxers Co. Kickstarter and you receive a single pair in your choice of color. This is even cheaper than the brand’s promised price once they’re up and running. You save a dollar, and help ensure the price of $14.95 on all your future pairs. The next two amounts – $36 and $39 – get you The Early Bird Trio and The Trio, respectively. Both hook you up with three pairs in any color combination of your choice.

The funding period for the Comfortable Boxers Co. Kickstarter begins June 16 and ends July 16. You can help fund the project here.

How much money will you pledge to the Comfortable Boxers Co. Kickstarter? What’s the most you’ve ever spent on a pair of underwear? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: Comfortable Boxers Co.

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