Happy Gayness, It’s Andrew Christian Pride 2015

Andrew Christian Pride 2015

The Andrew Christian Pride 2015 video is proof that the blood of an Andrew Christian model doesn’t always flow down south. Rather than flash enhanced bulges, the new clip shows that the brand has a heart. Designer Andrew Christian shares his coming out experience along with models such as Topher DiMaggio, Matt O’Reilly, and Diego Sans. It’s intimate unlike any other Andrew Christian video, and one that takes pride seriously.

The Andrew Christian Pride 2015 video, subtitled “Coming Out: The Long Journey To Pride,” reminds LGBT individuals everywhere why being out and proud is so important. No matter the family or location, it takes a certain degree of bravery to come out of the closet. But like the video proves, there’s nothing better than being who you are. Check out these pearls of wisdom left by Andrew Christian and his models. Then, check out the Andrew Christian Pride 2015 clip below.

Diego Sans

“I think life is about creating who you are and finding your own story.”

“Apparently behind my back, the whole family and everyone at the company was just making bets on when I would come out.”

“True friends will accept you. The people that walk out of your life, let them. Let them.”

“It’s not being selfish, but screw others. Be honest to yourself, that’s gonna take you places.”

Drae Axtell

“I was very actively involved in church. I was a youth leader, all that. The biggest thing was what would they think about me.”

“I’m free to be myself around them. They know I won’t hit on them so it’s okay.”

Ryan Rose

“When I was younger I was very unhappy, very angry. And I believe the cause of that was hiding who I was, sexually.”

“I wish I would have came out earlier.”

“There was falling out, but with that fall out, I found out who my real friends were.”

Topher DiMaggio

“I’ve always been a little s**thead and kind of done what I want.”

“I had a choice whether I wanted to stay in the closet or be who I was, and I decided to do what I wanted.”

“You never know who’s gonna be there for you. Sometimes the better people are the ones you never knew until the things you go through with them.”

Matt O’Reilly

“I was 23, in college, in a fraternity… I came out, they all supported me, they all wanted to go to the gay bars with me. They really wanted to be a part of that side of my life too which was really heartwarming.”

“I love being gay.”

Andrew Christian

“My coming out story was sort of a non-event. I told everybody that I was gay, and they already knew. And they didn’t really care, so all the anxiety about being gay and all the fears were sort of made up in my head.”

“I wouldn’t have had the amount of success I’ve had if I were not gay.”


Which model from the Andrew Christian Pride 2015 video had a coming out story similar to yours? Are you going to wear your Andrew Christian underwear to your Pride 2015 event? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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