Feel Like It’s Vacation Time In The Hawai Actual Stripes and Prints

Andrew Christian C-Ring Brief Jock

Vacation brings along relaxation, fun, and comfort. The Hawai Actual Stripes and Prints features fun colors and prints in comfortable fit that will have you feeling like you’re on vacation in your pants!

All styles in the Hawai Actual Stripes and Prints Collection feature a contoured pouch that will support and define your boys while you go through your daily routine. All styles also have been designed to prevent chaffing and uncomfortable skin rubbing which makes them perfect to wear under your shorts at the gym.

The 4977 boxer ($22.48) and 4969 boxer ($21.48) both have fun, energetic-looking patterns that will create a party in your pants! The 90% polyester and 10% spandex blend will form a defining, sleek fit that highlights your figure and shows off your assets. The 4969 is available in black, blue, and green. The 4977 is available in black, melon, and green.

The 4968 boxer ($21.48), 4970 boxer ($21.48), and the 4974 boxer ($22.48) all have varying stripes that offer boosts of color and different-sized stripes. The 4968 features a background color and simple thin vertical stripes throughout the garment. The stripes on the pouch go out and to the tip of your bulge, drawing eyes right to your prize. 4970 has vertical stripes in variable sizes, ranging from white and then fading into a color, either green, black, or blue. The stripes outline and contour your package, making it look a little bit bigger than it actually is. 4974 features two horizontal, colored stripes of uniformed sizes in either blue/melon, blue/white, and blue/green. Like the 4968, the stripes meet at the tip of your meat, drawing all attention to your main event. Which, if you want to impress someone special, this should be your goal – right?

The Hawai Actual Stripes and Prints styles are available in sizes S to XL.

Which style of the Hawai Actual Stripes and Prints do you love the most? On what occasion would you wear the Hawai Actual Stripes and Prints this summer? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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