Editor’s Pick: Stonemen

Editor's Pick: Stonemen

Editor’s Pick: Stonemen Shady Palms Brief – ($34.83)

Why We Love It: Floral prints are officially one-upped with our Editor’s Pick: Stonemen. Rather than recreate a boring hibiscus print, Stonemen instead designs a stylish alternative with this wraparound palm tree design. The photographic digital print gives the Shady Palms Line a more adult attitude. The realist image is a bold choice. It’s unique, and it fits in an attractive way. The Shady Palms print also has cool, ethereal quality too. High levels of contrast read like sunlight breaking through the palms. It makes the name more appropriate, and the pair itself memorably stunning.

Why It’s Our Editor’s Pick: Rest assured, any future Editor’s Pick: Stonemen pairs will feature wraparound photographic designs. It’s what sets Stonemen off-center from the rest, and always makes for a great pair of underwear. But of their latest line-up, the Shady Palms print is the most off-beat.

As trendy as it is, every other Stonemen print is left unaltered before it’s translated into underwear. They’re applied as they are shot, horizontal, and transport you to a place. The Shady Palms image is altered with upward and downward facing trees. This makes the Shady Palms Print our Editor’s Pick: Stonemen. It transports you to a dream state rather than a place, but does it with the same realistic imagery that makes Stonemen a consistently surprising brand.

It’s not the most wearable of their designs – those would be the New York and Ocean prints. But the Shady Palms Brief is a perfect look for summer, and once you’d sneak into rotation ever other season.

How We’d Wear It: It’s summer and our Editor’s Pick: Stonemen comes with a black waistband that will look good behind anything. It’s the highest end of casual underwear based on cool points alone. Wear it under your favorite pairing of shorts, tee or tank, and you’ll feel especially confident. We’re picturing grey, black, or beige shorts. We’re picturing walking along the beach, which means no shirt required.

Model Aaron Valenzuela shows off the brief’s sexy side in the exclusive photoshoot by Jerrad Matthew below. He takes the dreamy quality of the Shady Palms print for a steamy turn. The white backdrop bring out his tanned skin (and abs) and the darker tones in the Shady Palms Brief. It’s obviously stylish, and surprisingly sexy.

Other Favorites: Ocean Trunk ($34.83), New York Brief – Black ($34.83)

For more information on this brand: Stonemen

Photo Credit: Jerrad Matthew Exclusively for The Underwear Expert, Stonemen

Model: Aaron Valenzuela

Product Supplied by Stonemen


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