Editor’s Pick: Garçon Model

Editor's Pick: Garçon Model

Editor’s Pick: Garçon Model ALTON Trunk – ($21)

Why We Love It: Our Editor’s Pick: Garçon Model is proof that white underwear isn’t dead yet! A white pair of undies may not be every man’s cup of tea, but the Garçon Model ALTON Trunk has enough signs of life that it almost isn’t a pair of white underwear. Essentially, it’s a white trunk, but a neon green trim and waistband give it something bright and energetic. The shimmery neon green waistband is also accented with neon pink lettering. It has that summertime watermelon contrast that’s always looking cute. Combine it with the Garçon Model contemporary square cut trunk style, and you’ve found a winning, mostly-white pair.

Why It’s Our Editor’s Pick: The ALTON Trunk is named out Editor’s Pick: Garçon Model for its bright design, modern cut, and easy-breezy attitude. One of the best things about Garçon Model is the sleek, wrinkle-free blend of nylon. It gives their underwear a fit akin to performance underwear. And because Garçon Model is all about their bright contrasts, a lot of their underwear hits the “sporty” and “stylish” marks like a bullseye. But what makes the ALTON Trunk so special, and our Editor’s Pick: Garçon Model, is that is brings the best of the brand into it, but without the sportier edge we’re used to. And more than that, it’s a pair of white underwear most men would actually consider.

How We’d Wear It: If our Editor’s Pick: Garçon Model is bright and bold, we’d like our outfit to be, too. If neutral bottoms are your thing, go for beige, a warm tan, or maybe a lighter shade of grey. One thing is for sure: the ALTON Trunk has a fun, playful air about it. The rest of your look should follow-suit, but by no means stay in line.

Model Adam Powell pairs the Garçon Model ALTON Trunk with his sexy body in our exclusive shoot by Jerrad Matthew. The background is grey to bring out not just the white body of the underwear, but its powerful pops of neon. Check out the photoshoot below, and how the low-rise waist shows off Adam’s sculpted torso.

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For more information on this brand: Garçon Model

Photo Credit: Jerrad Matthew Exclusively for The Underwear Expert

Model: Adam Powell

Product Supplied by Garçon Model


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