Discrete-ish Eroticwear: Kinks You’re Comfortable With


Having pairs of erotic underwear (or “eroticwear”) in your drawer brings variety and, ideally, a sense of adventure into the bedroom. The right eroticwear should also leave you feeling confident and irresistible. We aren’t talking about sexy underwear (i.e., pairs that look “sporty-sexy,” or have revealing narrow cuts). We’re talking eroticwear that teases the skin with see-through materials and unconventional designs that raise a lot more than eyebrows.

The Underwear Expert knows eroticwear or erotic underwear doesn’t appeal to every man – not every guy want to sexualize themselves in that way. But this doesn’t mean that they can’t enjoy the sexy kind of fun that eroticwear brings. This list is for the more discrete men looking to embrace their sexuality and their fashion sense. It’s for the men who enjoy a good tease, and never forget that it’s all about the reveal. Each featured pair provides a “full-coverage” silhouette that brings something shocking and sexy into the mix – all without ever revealing your best asset. But we can’t say the same for your ass.

Fans of sheer, we direct you to pairs designed by Clever, Dirt Squirrel, and Gregg Homme. Each brand earns their spot on this list by injecting a full-coverage boxer brief cut with provocative see-through materials. They’re never placed on the pouch, and only tease your rear’s more discrete areas. Gregg Homme and Clever also feature brief designs – both mean business with rear coverage that’s entirely sheer. Dirt Squirrel, on the other hand, normalizes provocative behavior by showing your bootie’s PG-13 portions. You may want to try Dirt Squirrel, in fact, if you’re a bit shy about eroticwear, for that very reason.

Andrew Christian and PPÜ have a different idea of “teasing.” Rather than use transparent fabrics, both brands opt for cut-outs that seduce as much as they surprise. The Andrew Christian Teaser Boxer and PPÜ’s Sneak Peek Brief both have cut-outs on the front that dare to dip toward your package. Andrew Christian’s Almost Naked Fling Brief has an even more deliciously distracting cutout placed on the front left hip. But that doesn’t mean PPÜ can’t tease as hard. They also featured their eroticwear with two fishnet designs.

N2N also lands on our list with two looks, neither of which have any see-through elements. Instead, the Liquid Skin Short uses a form-fitting metallic material ideal for men who find themselves in fetish looks. The Ultra Suede Bikini is a less kinky material. But the revealing cut is made sexier still with a metal ring on the right hip.

Which pair of eroticwear caught your eye? If you had to choose one piece of eroticwear, would it be see-through fabrics or tempting cut-outs? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on these brands: Andrew Christian, Clever, Dirt Squirrel, Gregg Homme, N2N, Petit QPPÜ

Photo Credit: Andrew Christian, Clever, Dirt Squirrel, Gregg Homme, N2N, Petit Q, PPÜ

Main Image Credit: Jerrad Matthew Exclusively for The Underwear Expert


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