Dip Into Frank Dandy Swim Shorts For 2015

Frank Dandy Swim Shorts

The 2015 Collection of Frank Dandy Swim Shorts has two distinctly different cuts – both with discrete lengths in the leg and casual masculine style. The six new Frank Dandy swim short designs are made with a white drawstring in the waistband, which is a classic swimwear build. But everything else gives the new swim shorts a contemporary edge.

Frank Dandy’s Saint Paul Swim Shorts ($69) and Breeze Swim Shorts ($44) have shorter lengths than the other new Frank Dandy swim shorts. They provide about the same length as running shorts would. They also fit to your body without the sexiness of a body-contouring fit. The Saint Paul Swim Short comes in Dark Navy, Red, and Black. The navy and red variations get a sporty treatment with white contrasts. Black gets something edgier with contrasts in grey. The Breeze Swim Shorts are entirely solid – with the exception of their waistbands. Available in Cheddar (yellow), Chinese Red, Jet Black, Purple Magic, Snorkel Blue, and Amazon (green).

The other Frank Dandy Swim Shorts have longer lengths and printed designs with a 90’s flair. The Anti-Camo Goalie Shorts ($69) are all about getting noticed. Available in Green and Sand, this take on camo has bright contrasts such as pink and green for an unconventional twist. The Birds Bermuda Shorts ($69) comes in Blue and Yellow, and has even bolder bursts of color. The design includes toucans, flamingos, hummingbirds, and more – the best of them in a saturated magenta.

The Fishbone Bermuda Shorts ($69) has the most muted colors. This design also features a longer length, and a print made of fish skeletons on fish bodies. The Mint variation has blue and pink skeletons on grey fish. The Dark Navy variation goes for a classic dual-tone with white skeletons on light blue fish. This could be the most old-school of the Frank Dandy Swim Shorts. And if you prefer a more modern style, the SMxFD Signature Bermudas ($69) have an attractive, intricate pattern of cyan and white.

Frank Dandy Swim Shorts are available in sizes XS – XXL.

Would you like your Frank Dandy swim shorts longer and looser, or higher cut and classic? Or does it come to solids or prints for you? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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