Complete The Look: Levi’s

Complete The Look: Levi's

For this week’s Complete The Look: Levi’s, we wanted to assemble a classic, casual style. So what better brand to start off with than Levi’s? The brand name is about as classic as its designs. Since it’s summer, we stick to a more laid-back look with neutral shades and warm tones. And lucky for us, this American brand designs underwear and denim literally made to complement each other. We choose the Levi’s 300 Series Trunk – Pumice Stone Heather ($28.50) the 511 Slim Fit Jeans – Aber ($78) for this week’s Complete the Look: Levi’s.



The Levi’s 300 Series Trunk – Pumice Stone Heather (1) has a handsomely reserved color to it that’s made ever more attractive with its heather texture. Like the best of Levi’s underwear, the 300 Series Trunk is designed with a stylish fabric belt look on the waistband. We then choose the Levi’s 511 Slim Fit Jeans – Aber (2) because it has a soft tone similar to our underwear, but still reads like a classic pair of blue jeans.

Next we add on the Obey “Pegasus Propaganda” Graphic T-Shirt (3) in this Complete The Look: Levi’s. The shirt’s burgundy color is soft like the rest of our colors, but it’s the cool pegasus graphic we really chose this tee for. It’s casual, unique, and brings just enough flash to our chill summer outfit.

Keeping with our classic look in our Complete The Look: Levi’s, we choose the Converse ‘Jack Purcell – Jack Split Tongue’ (4) for our shoes. The Warmstone/Nougat variation has a grey body that’s warmed up with light brow laces and a white sole.

The Miansai Brummel Hood Leather Bracelet (5) is picked for this Complete The Look: Levi’s to complement our shoe’s laces, and to bring out the rustic tone of our entire look. And then for a second accessory, we can’t help but finish things off with a Levi’s Leather Belt (6).

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For more information on this brand: Levi’s

Photo Credit: Levi’s, Nordstroms

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