The Classic Appeal Of White Underwear

Even men who prefer a classic aesthetic struggle to find the right pairs of white underwear. Nowadays most men opt out of white underwear for one simple reason: it doesn’t stay white. Beyond that, white underwear is simply too boring for the more fashion-conscious man. But other men, like almost all of our fathers, have been supported by white underwear all their lives. Their white underwear comes in a plastic bag, and probably from the same place they buy their groceries. But as our exclusive photoshoot by Jerrad Matthew shows, “tightie” and “whitie” can be right on the money.

The backdrop of white brick reads like a locker room shower and brings out the clean, masculine designs that model Grayson Gilbert wears. Seven different pairs are modeled, along with Grayson’s seriously chiseled abs and some manly chest hair. It’s the kind of body that has a classic kind of sex appeal, especially when Grayson wears the more basic half of his white underwear collection. Designed by Blackspade, Calvin Klein, D.Hedral, and Exofficio, these white briefs are either entirely white or designed with the finest, most subtle grey accents.

Some men may find all-white underwear bland, but a stark white brief allows for a cleaner, sharper appearance compared to other underwear brands. It’s becoming more and more common to see underwear designed with bold, attention-stealing logos or text on their waistbands. By keeping these to a minimum, or doing away with them entirely, these four pairs of white underwear bring timelessness back into classic style. Each of these pairs also has a wider, more discrete cut compared to the low-rise hip briefs currently being released for summer.

Other brands see a pair of white underwear and throw in some contrasts, for fashion’s sake. Milkman and JM both add what else but black, white’s perfect compliment. Milkman’s design brings a classic white brief to the 21st century with black seams and a black waistband. The result is a casual everyday basic, but with a distinct sense of style. JM gets a little trendier with a black waistband flanked with shimmery silver. But the most contemporary pair from Grayson Gilbert’s collection of white underwear comes from Vanwolff. Their Timber Brief in white has a stylishly light grey waistband and an asymmetrical black trim on the pouch.

Are you a devout fan of white underwear? Which of Grayson’s pairs would you add to your personal collection? Let us know int he comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on these brands: Blackspade, Calvin Klein, D.Hedral, Exofficio, JM, Milkman, Vanwolff

Photo Credit: Jerrad Matthew Exclusively for The Underwear Expert

Model: Grayson Gilbert

Products Supplied by Blackspade, Calvin Klein, D.Hedral, Exofficio, JM, Milkman, Vanwolff


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