Check Out Fresh Faced Gianni Reyes In Aware Soho Briefs

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The talented Adrian C. Martin photographed newcomer Gianni Reyes modeling Aware Soho. The shoot took place in where else but the beautiful Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands.

Gianni Reyes is thin, muscular, and still has a hint of that cute young look in his handsome face. He’s 20 years old and just recently started his modeling career! His flawless looks are definitely something everyone would like to see more of. Gianni Reyes in Aware Soho has to be one of our favorite photoshoots this year.

Gianni rocks some of Aware Soho briefs, all designed with wide waistbands, contrasting pouch seams, and gorgeous bright colors. The Stripes Brief combines vertical and horizontal stripes into one design. The vertical stripes are blue, red, and white, and run across the underwear’s body. The horizontal “stripes” are actually seams, and frame the pouch in white and red. Just as sporty is the California Brief. This Aware Soho brief color blocks red to the pouch and navy for the rest of the garment. Similar to other Aware Soho briefs, the California Brief also frames the pouch with striped seams.

Later in the photoshoot, Gianni Reyes changes out his Aware Soho briefs and steps into their TEAM Shorts. This design shows off his sporty side even more. The look is low-cut and designed with a drawstring waistband – a true athletic touch. And it makes sense. The Aware Soho TEAM Short is designed to endure intense running sessions.

The sexiest look Gianni gets into isn’t an Aware Soho brief, but a sporty trunk made from see-through mesh. The look is sporty with black mesh and a white trim that forms an old-school slit on the leg. But it’s not that old-school For a more modern touch, a panel of red mesh is placed between the two white seams on either side.

Are you a fan of the young Gianni Reyes in Aware Soho Underwear? Which pair do you think suits him the best out of all these photos? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: Aware Soho

Photo Credit: Adrian C. Martin

Model: Gianni Reyes


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