Channel Your Celebrity Persona In These Three Stardom Styles

skull & bones

If you’re trying to break into the celebrity scene you’ll need a persona. Starting from the inside, out of your pants, seems like a great start! Check out these three Stardom Styles that will have you well on your way to discovering your inner celebrity.

The Famous Briefs in these Stardom Styles will have you feeling just as the name suggests! This brief is comfy and form-hugging to accentuate your gorgeous parts for whoever you want to show them off to! The thick, reinforced pouch will have your boys supported and hanging tight! The fabric is white with a contrasting navy leg opening seam and a white and purple wide-logo waistband. The design is simple and elegant – perfect for a diva in the making!

The Treasured Brief in the Stardom Styles features a pattern of skulls and crossbones over a gorgeous pink background. This garment is contrasted with white leg opening seams and white seams outlining your package. The wide logo waistband is also pink and white. This style is fun and playful – perfect for the next fun-loving socialite to hit the scene!

If you’re feeling the need to create a more masculine persona, then check out the Thick Trunk in the Stardom Styles looks. This style is all black with a black, wide, logo waistband. The logo is written in white to contrast the garment. This fit is lightweight, snug, and comfortable. It moves with you, while you’re on the move. This garment is also breathable and will maintain its shape while you maintain yours. This fit is perfect for a man looking to be Hollywood’s next heartthrob, and fits perfectly into our Stardom Styles. So if this seems like something you want, slip into a pair and hit the gym – your competition is tight!

The Three Stardom Styles are available in sizes S – XL.

Which of these Three Stardom Styles do you see yourself in? What’s your celebrity persona? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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