Candyman 2015 Thongs: 10 Revealing New Designs

Candyman 2015 Thongs

When it comes to the Candyman 2015 Thongs, less isn’t only more – it’s everything! The brand created 10 new thong designs for 2015. Each one lives to be shocking and sexy. If you’re looking for a basic men’s thong – if there is such a thing – you won’t find it among these ten stunners. What you will find is your next pair for a sexy night in. Or maybe something naughty to hide underneath your summer apparel.

The most full coverage of the the Candyman 2015 Thongs is the Hardcore Strap Thong 99116 ($17.48). It’s designed with a comfortable polyester blend (91% polyester, 9% elastane) that’s finished with a sultry wet-look pouch. Thick straps create most of the underwear and criss-cross to create a double waistband. The criss-crossing straps also create a revealing cutout above your junk.

If strap-tastic is more your style, the Dungeon Thong 99093 ($15.48) gets its name from a sexy cage-like design. It’s made from the same wet-look material as the Hardcore Strap Thong, making the contoured pouch even hotter. Another strappy design from the Candyman 2015 Thongs is their Wave Thong 99092 ($17.48). It has a nifty asymmetrical look that’s an honest thong on one side, and four narrow straps on the other. Made from a blend with slightly more polyester, you even get a smoother fit with this one.

The Candyman 2015 Thongs go a whole other direction with the Asymmetry Thong 99126. The Asymmetry Thong ($11.48) uses a clear plastic strap to be truly minimal and totally jaw-dropping. It looks like a pouch that wraps around your hip and dips under you, but only on one side – the rest is invisible.

The Slim Thong 9680 ($9.50) is another minimal member of the Candyman 2015 Thongs. As low on coverage as it is on price, this design is a more like a G-string masquerading as a thong. Made from a smooth blend of 84% nylon and 16% elastane, this look is nothing more than a contoured pouch and spaghetti-style straps. It comes in bright shades of fuchsia, orange, green, and yellow. We get the hint – this is how Candyman 2015 Thongs do summer sex appeal.

The Candyman 2015 Thongs are available in sizes S – XL.

Which Candyman 2015 Thongs would you look best in? Is there one you find the most practical? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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