BTS: Andrew Christian Dating Game

Andrew Christian Dating Game

We’d probably all like to go on a date or two with some of the Andrew Christian boys, but for those of us seriously lacking in the model boyfriend department, the L.A. brand has unveiled the Andrew Christian Dating Game. It’s a behind-the-scenes look at two men—one a fresh recruit, the other a seasoned veteran — who together share some dating specs we’re more than excited to know.

Suited up in AC gear, model and actor Topher DiMaggio trades questions and answers with newcomer Matt O’Reilly. It’s the Andrew Christian Dating Game with a no topics-barred approach. The boys share some juicy details about things that range from their favorite AC underwear (Matt’s involve some Andrew Christian athletic-wear) to when they lost their virginity (Topher’s is a backyard tale). It’s a flirty conversation…one that makes it hard to tell who’s into who. The answer only comes near the end when the two share more than just a few secrets.

The Andrew Christian Dating Game is everything that you’ve ever wanted to know about Topher and Matt, all spilled out under that all-too-familiar Andrew Christian camera lens. And with the secrets they shared, we can only hope AC’s cameraman will hand the mics over to more men in the future.

Check out the Dating Game below and let us know what you’d like to hear from Topher and Matt in the comments.

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