New aussieBum Equality: Support Marriage Rights In Style

aussieBum Equality

aussieBum believes that it’s time “to live and love without doubt.” So before we say anything about the new aussieBum Equality Range, you should know that 100% of its proceeds go to Australian Marriage Equality. The organization has its goal built right into the name, and so does the aussieBum Equality Range. “Equality” lets you know this is an underwear range with a purpose. And “aussieBum” lets you know there’s nothing but stylish sex appeal within.

The new range includes the Equality Hipster ($15.05) and the Equality L-Leg ($16.46). The aussieBum Equality Hipster keeps the brand’s most popular style, similar to a square-cut trunk. The Equality L-Leg is short for “long-legged.” When it comes to aussieBum, this means an average-length boxer brief cut. Both are designed with a fabric that’s printed with bold statements. One of them reads, in bold all-caps: “Australians want marriage equality. We now need 12 MP’s to get reform through.” MP’s, for those unfamiliar with Australian politics, are Members of Parliament.

The fabric’s print gets cut at the seams, which adds to the Equality Range’s trendy look. The fabric has a light tan body accented by the black text, black hearts, red hearts, and splatters of red color. The base color gives the aussieBum Equality Range an appearance like a cross between a newspaper and pop art typography.

The aussieBum Equality Range is made from a form-fitting blend of polyester (92% polyester, 8% elastane). This gives even more definition to the already-flattering contoured pouches, and adds to the range’s overall sex appeal. Both underwear styles in the Equality Range are finished with contrasting black waistbands. The brand name is printed all-caps in white, and repeats around the elastic. Be a proud member of the LGBT community, and the proud owner of aussieBum Equality underwear.

The aussieBum Equality Range is available in sizes XS – XL.

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