Ask The Expert: When To Wear Sexy Sportswear

Sexy Sportswear

There are underwear brands that design sportswear, and underwear brands that design sexy sportswear. Look at the sexy sportswear from Freedom Reigns, teamm8, and 2(X)IST – you wouldn’t think twice about wearing their looks at the gym. Other brands indulge in an athletic kind of sex appeal. Their designs are better-suited for a workout at home, or if you’re brazen, a late-night workout at a 24-hour gym.

In this installment of “Ask The Expert,” we draw a dotted line between the sexy sportswear that is and isn’t appropriate for public wear. The Underwear Expert wouldn’t tell you what you can and can’t wear during your workouts. Instead, we analyze what makes these sportswear looks sexy, and leave the real decision up to you. We don’t know your life, but we know sexy sportswear. Step into these looks and you’ll break some hearts while breaking a sweat.

Charlie from Casa Grande, AZ  – Hey Underwear Expert, I’m writing because I made some impulse buys and have some sexy gym clothes now that I really like, but don’t want going to waste. I also got a kick out of the sexy gym clothes you guys feature on the site, but when I got them in the mail and tried them on, I felt a little too sexy. I couldn’t imagine walking out of the locker room in something see-though, or even the running shorts I got that are super high on my legs. If all these brands make sexy gym clothes, do people really wear them to the gym? Definitely not at my Gold’s!

The Underwear Expert – Hey Charlie, happy to hear about your impulse buys; those are the best when they don’t come with buyers remorse. Good thing you can still put your sexy sportswear to use! It all depends on the particular look’s level of sexy – you mentioned see-through fabrics and revealing cuts. Some of these are still fair game for the gym. But some are best shown off in for-your-eyes-only situations. It’s also common for guys to wear their gym clothes to bed. Your sexy sportswear could work this in, too.

It’s all about dressing for the occasion. Catching a Sunday morning workout in something sexy and see-though is not a good idea. Catch a late Saturday night workout, and it’s a possibility. These three sportswear looks are sexy in different ways, making them suitable for different situations.

Andrew Christian Neptune Jogger Shorts and Flawless Training Shorts  – Wear the Neptune Jogger Shorts and you’re always running toward trouble, or maybe a go-go boy. They’re entirely see-through and will show off your underwear, or better yet, your ass. This is mesh to the max.

N2N Tritech Split Short and Cotton Sport Biker – The Tritech Split Short has that old-school slit in the legs taken up a notch or two, literally. The revealing high cut is definitely on the sexier side, and your package is sure to be outlined and noticeable. The N2N Cotton Sport Biker has a compression fit that emphasizes your crotch and rear. The biker cut also runs down to just above the knee. This is sexy sportswear that’s easily practical for the gym.

Rufskin Luther And Obelus – The Luther Top is something you’d wear during a workout when you want something breathable. If a tank and a harness had a threesome with spandex, this would be their love child. It leaves your entire core exposed and approaches fetish territory with a synthetic rubber coating.

For more information on these brands: Andrew Christian, Jack Adams, Modus Vivendi, N2N, Rufskin

Feature Image Credit: Jerrad Matthew Exclusively for The Underwear Expert

Model: Josh Stevenson

Photo Credit: Andrew Christian, Jack Adams, Modus Vivendi, N2N, Rufskin


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