You Aren’t Prepared For “Andrew Christian’s Troop 69”

Andrew Christian's Troop 69

Did your experience with Boy Scouts leave you with hard feelings? Maybe you were just in the wrong troop. Chances are Andrew Christian’s Troop 69 has a hell of a lot more fun than your troop did. We don’t remember the piñata filled with tiny liquor bottles and c-rings (Boy Scout motto: be prepared). We don’t remember using something phallic in place of a baseball bat. And we definitely didn’t tie our Scout Master to a tree to earn our knot-tying badge. Yes, the upstanding scouts in “Andrew Christian’s Troop 69” do things differently. The only thing making them “model citizens” is their sex appeal. This troop will leave you with hard feelings, but the kind that you expect from Andrew Christian.

Things start out nice and quiet for Andrew Christian’s Troop 69. Their outing is nothing more than a leisurely hike, at first. Arrive at camp, and the models have a surprisingly hard time pitching a tent. Scout Master Andrew Christian then tries to get the boys in line. He should’ve known better, or at least seen that pink duct tape coming. It’s only a second before he’s bound to a tree. But it’s the guys in Andrew Christian’s Troop 69 that really practice their hands-on wood working skills.

Something else we don’t remember from our Boy Scouts experience: the uniforms being so cute. But The Underwear Expert understands the Scouts – including Topher, Murray, and Cory – wanting to strip to their Andrew Christian underwear. While their Scout Master is away, Andrew Christian’s Troop 69 is more than willing to take control. Topher and Jonny run off to a tent for a not-so-quick make-out session. Murray Swanby catches a buzz with Cory Zwierzynski and Brian Prince Roman, who can’t even get a sip before his buds start going at it.

You can watch the censored version of “Andrew Christian’s Troop 69” below. The original NSFW version can be found on Andrew Christian’s site. And while the version below is technically SFW, we’d still consider it dangerous for office viewing.

Would you go camping with Andrew Christian’s Troop 69? Was your Boy Scouts experience ever this interesting? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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