7 Betones Prints Perfect For Pride

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We’ve now entered June, which means one thing: Pride! The LGBTQ community will be celebrating Pride throughout this month, so you fitting into some pride-friendly styles won’t hurt. Check out 7 Betones Prints Perfect For Pride:

1. Macro: This print is fun and playful. The bright colored jelly bean print will have people wondering who you plan on sharing your candy with!

7 Betones Prints Perfect For Pride 1


2. Leopard: Who doesn’t love a good leopard print? This leopard print is neon green and consistent throughout the garment. Shake what your mama gave you in these at a club, and you will be sure to grab some attention!

7 Betones Prints Perfect For Pride 2


3. Church: Have onlookers begging for forgiveness when they see you in these! The print is reminiscent of stained glass you would find in a church. The bright colors and all-over design will be eye-catching for sure.

7 Betones Prints Perfect For Pride 3


4. Hozonhozon Yellow: This yellow garment features a repetitive print of mushroom caps and a yellow logo waistband. This would be the perfect funny style for pride – everyone would get a kick out of it. You could even ask people if they would like to see your mushroom, and we’re sure that they would.

7 Betones Prints Perfect For Pride 4


5. Meat: Dress up your meat in this colorful meat print. The bright colors and print subject are perfect for any pride celebration. The gray background really gives the pieces of meat a pop that just make each piece stand out. Caution: someone might ask to handle your meat while you’re wearing these!

7 Betones Prints Perfect For Pride 5


6. 70s Psychedelic: The name says it all! This style is colorful, interesting, and trippy: all the things someone you might meet at a club might like. This crazy print will definitely spark the interest of partiers at Pride – just looking at it is an experience!

7 Betones Prints Perfect For Pride 6


7. Aker Blue/Pink: If you aren’t someone who’s crazy about detailed prints, this will be more your speed! This style features bright blue, pink and white stripes through out the garment. It’s still fun and playful – just a little more relaxed. This would be perfect for a  guy who wants to have fun this Pride but not draw too much attention to himself.

7 Betones Prints Perfect For Pride 7

Which 7 Betones Prints Perfect For Pride do you see yourself wearing to Pride this year? What are your Pride plans? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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