6 Types Of Gym Guys, And The Brands They Need

Gym Guys

We don’t care who you are, where you live, or how actively you go – your home gym is a hub for an array of awkward characters. Almost everyone zones in at the gym, but there are gym guys who seem hellbent on taking you out of the zone and into their sweaty bubble of annoying. If only the 6 Types of Gym Guys had these brands in their gym bags…

The Ab-donis


Usually the younger of the gym guys, he works his vanity muscles every day, and always starts with his abs. He’s the guy who suddenly forgets his towel when he lifts up his shirt to wipe away sweat. He takes a selfie in the locker room mirror after every workout. If only his underwear was something social media-worthy like 2(X)IST’s Electric No-Show Collection.

The Heavy Sweater


This gym guy must be taking a thermogenic or something. Sweat drips from his head every time he reaches for his water bottle. More often than not, his sportswear is a different color at the end of his workout. This man needs some serious moisture wicking action. Give him a tip: double up on Freedom Reigns.

The Pump-and-Grindr


“Why is he on my machine and on his phone? Is he even working out?” No, he isn’t. He’s one of the gym guys who goes to the gym looking for an afternoon delight rather than an afternoon workout. And he does it wasting his performance underwear. But he’s not fooling anyone. He may as well post up in the locker room with Andrew Christian.

The Gym Jammer


He’s harmless, but oh-so-annoying. He takes forever to move from a machine, and spends half his time there looking for the right song. Maybe if his underwear had pockets, he could keep his phone somewhere he’s less tempted to switch his music? Get yourself a new gym playlist, and some Tommy John 360 Sport.

The Butcher


These gym guys look like their car catches fire everyday on their way to the gym. His idea of sportswear is anything cut-off. He just takes a pair of scissors to his old favorite tees he can’t let go of – even the cotton ones. We appreciate the edge, but not every day – and not in that way. Let go, and grab Jack Adams with your free hand.

The Too-Usual


This guy is in-shape and one of the usuals at the gym. You can tell by how often you see him, and the fact the trainers all seem to know his name at this point. He also wears the same things to the gym every day; and, scarily enough, the same 5 or 6 pairs of performance underwear a week. When you go that often, you have to mix it up. Take your pic of N2N, teamm8, or even Malebasics.

Which of the 6 Gym Guys are you? Are you guilty of being more than one? Confess your fitness faux-pas in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on these brands: 2(X)IST, Andrew Christian, Freedom Reigns, Jack Adams, Malebasics, N2N, Tommy John

Photo Credit: 2(X)IST, Andrew Christian, Freedom Reigns, Jack Adams, Malebasics, N2N, Tommy John, Flickr


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