6 Father’s Day Gifts, Better Underwear For Every Dad

Father’s Day is just around the corner. Shame on you if still haven’t figured out your Father’s Day gifts. But lucky for you, The Underwear Expert is here to help. We know what brands your dad is comfortable with, and will be forever comfortable in. Underwear might seem like an off-center gift for your father. But trust us, these 6 Father’s Day gift ideas are sure to score points with your old man or father in-law.

Look back on your childhood with your Dad and ask yourself, did his style every really change? Not to stereotype fathers everywhere, but most men know what they like when it comes to fashion – a word they probably dread – and maintain the same looks year after year. Or worse, he could have a wardrobe like a cartoon character. That’s why our Father’s Day gifts won’t just keep him comfortable, but better dressed with his bottom layer.

Handyman – Tommy John


Just like Dad, Tommy John helps fix what’s broken and solves your problems. Tommy John’s solution-based products make great Father’s Day gifts. More and more men are turning to this buzz-worthy brand. One of their coolest features: a horizontal Quick Draw Fly design for better access when nature calls. For Father’s Day, you also get free overnight shipping on orders of $100.


Martinis and Cigar Afficionado – Pengallan


Your Dad is a man of class. He likes his things the way James Bond would, or at least pretends to. And then on certain occasions, he’ll even dress the part. Your Father’s Day gifts to him should be a couple pairs of Pengallan Slim-Fit Boxers. They’re some of the most dressed up around, and boast high-quality comfort.

Active Outdoorsy – papi


Who doesn’t have at least one pair of papi in their drawer? It’s becoming one of those brands. A lot of guys like the cut of their Brazilian Trunks, and the 4-way stretch that comes in many of their collections. To make your search for Father’s Day gifts easier, papi is offering single and multipack trunks in select styles for $7.99 with free shipping on all orders over $50.

Military Dads – Wood


The discrete cut of Wood’s longer styles is great for military dads who like something comfortable, clean, and simple. Not only does Wood design five styles of underwear at reasonable prices, but they even offer three camouflage prints if your dad likes to represent in style.

The Quirky, Hippie Dad – Björn Borg


If you don’t already know, Björn Borg is a Swedish brand that designs some seriously funky underwear. But unlike other brands, Björn Borg’s sense of fun doesn’t translate into anything remotely juvenile. Most of their underwear is designed with two different leg lengths, and even sold in packs of 2 or 3 pairs.

I Don’t Know Him That Well – Mack Weldon


Mack Weldon is a safe bet for any Dad. Their underwear is clean, refined, and available in several color variations, many of which your dad is sure to enjoy. Even better, Mack Weldon also offers some great Father’s Day Gift Packs including their insanely comfortable socks.

For more information on these brands: Björn BorgMack Weldon, papi, Pengallan, Tommy John, Wood

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