5 Obviously Summer Colors, From Obviously

Obviously Summer Colors

Australian brand Obviously is all about creating eco-friendly, comfortable underwear. Just about everything they design has a casual, laid-back attitude that’s light on flashy embellishments and heavy on simple style. This makes Obviously underwear a great base layer for your summer styles.

The brand has a variety of silhouettes to choose from, including briefs and boxers, as well as thongs and bikinis for men who like something skimpier during the hot summer months. Obviously’s designs also come in a variety of colors. But which colors go best with your summer fashion? Check out The Underwear Expert’s list of 5 Obviously Summer Colors.

Military Green


Obviously uses the right shade of Military Green in their Chromatic Collection, and it is the perfect addition to our list of Obviously Summer Colors. The waistband is accented with white lettering and a white stripe to brighten the Chromatic Collection’s military green looks. Wear it during summer and bring out the masculine side of your florals. Chances are, it’ll give the print a camo vibe, like something you’d wear undercover in the tropics.



Obviously’s idea of “graphite” is an earthier grey. Found in the Essence and Core collections, Graphite is appropriately dark for summer. Where Black is almost too easy, Graphite comes off as more unique and just as stylish. If your summer fashion doesn’t brighten with the weather, Graphite should be your seasonal neutral. You may think it doesn’t fit in Obviously Summer Colors, but it so does.



If your summer style would benefit from a shiny metallic waistband, consider gold instead of silver. Silver is easier to work with, but gold makes for a bolder statement, especially when paired with white during the summer. Let the waistband show, and it’ll give your look a trendy edge that’s bound to draw attention.



Compared to other Obviously Summer Colors, Red is more on the playful side. It can’t help it. Just like red cars get more speeding tickets, red pairs of underwear always get more attention. Break them out under your summer looks that aren’t afraid to be a little loud.

Midnight Blue


Similar to Graphite, Midnight Blue is more fashion-forward in the Obviously Summer Colors Collection. Add it your rotation of seasonal basics and take out a few of the black pairs. We know, Black is usually best. But Obviously’s deeper shade of navy blue would pair better with most men’s summer style.

Which of the Obviously Summer Colors do you want added in your rotation? Do you wear different underwear styles in the summer than you would in the spring or fall? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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