4 Mack Weldon Trunks To Pack For Summer

Mack Weldon Trunks

The great thing about Mack Weldon is that their underwear is stylish, but with a casual attitude for the Average Joe. Their waistbands don’t have any text, which makes them sophisticated – in a simple way. Their cuts are all discrete, which makes them ideal for everyday wear. But it’s four of Mack Weldon’s color variations in particular that makes them especially great for summer. Model Joshua DuBois wears four different Mack Weldon trunks in Jerrad Matthew’s latest exclusive shoot for The Underwear Expert: Tangerine Orange, Army Green, Lemon Yellow, and Cendre Blue.

When it comes to summer underwear styles, light, bright colors are a must. Both the orange and yellow variations hit those marks, and look best when cut into Mack Weldon trunks or briefs. Mack Weldon trunks are just a touch longer than more contemporary square-cut designs. Like most of the brand’s other styles, Mack Weldon trunks are also designed with a contoured pouch.

Joshua DuBois just so happens to be well-endowed, and more than capable of showing the enhanced profile a contoured pouch provides. A buff body like his also shows how a simple pair of underwear can be surprisingly sexy. The refined design of Mack Weldon trunks appeals most to gentleman with a classic sense of style and give Joshua are mature kind of sex appeal. And with the four particular color variations he models, he even has a noticeable sense of style.

The Cendre Blue and Army Green Mack Weldon trunks have a more masculine appearance compared to the brighter Tangerine Orange and Lemon Yellow variations. The Cendre Blue color is like a deeper shade of sky blue and the boldest pair Joshua DuBois models. It also has the most classic design of any Mack Weldon design. The brand’s waistbands are white and accented with a double grey/blue stripe at the top. And it just so happens that small blue stripes match the Cendre Blue variation near perfectly.

Mack Weldon’s Army Green color variation is one of the brand’s darker colors, but the green has a muted tone that saves it from being too dark, and makes it one of Mack Weldon’s best colors for summer. It pairs well with lighter and darker colors, and especially well with Joshua DuBois’ body.

Do you own any brightly colored pairs of Mack Weldon trunks? Which color do you think model Joshua DuBois looks best in? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: Mack Weldon

Photo Credit: Jerrad Matthew Exclusively for The Underwear Expert

Model: Joshua DuBois

Products Supplied by Mack Weldon


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