Pride Underwear! Time To Rock Those Rainbows

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You may like your Pride look for 2015 and think it’s all ready to go but, you could be wrong. No Pride look is complete without some fresh Pride underwear. We don’t just mean rainbow waistbands or something that shows your ass, although that’s definitely appropriate – we’re looking at you, Andrew Christian. Tamer brands such as Happy Socks offer rainbow-inspired sets and boxes with more discrete cuts. Then there’s two brands in particular that don’t just get in on the 2015 Pride underwear action, but take action to promote marriage equality.

No matter what type of gay man you think you are, you’ve got to have 2015 Pride underwear in your collection. Not every man is comfortable, or capable, of pulling off a little rainbow. If your Pride plans have you in a parade, look to skimpier collections from sexier brands – back to you, Andrew Christian. If you plans have you watching a parade, you may want something more discrete. But then again, is that what being out and proud is about?

Andrew Christian


Andrew Christian is a no-brainer for all things gay. The Andrew Christian Pride Collection has looks in three of the brand’s lines: Tightie Whitie, BLOW!, and Almost Naked. Each line includes either a jockstrap or thong design. And for those in need of something naughtier, or guys who simply can’t choose, there is the Almost Naked Y-Back Jock Thong. Talk about a mouthful.



aussieBum is one brand that takes action with their 2015 Pride underwear. All of the proceeds from the new Equality Range go to Australian Marriage Equailty, an organization which aims to promote equal marriage rights for everyone in Australia. The range comes in the brand’s sexy, modern hipster cut as well as a boxer brief. Love and equality and is one thing, but it’s hard not to fall for this range.

Happy Socks


Happy and gay are synonyms again with Happy Socks’ Pride Box Sets. The cheery Swedish brand shouts its Pride louder than the rest with designs made entirely of bold rainbow stripes. Pride Box Sets include a pair of Pride Socks and either a Pride Boxer or Pride Boxer. Happy Socks also offers a Pride Box Set with a women’s brief.

Mack Weldon


Mack Weldon’s Pride Pack comes with two briefs, two trunks, two boxer briefs, and a limited edition bag featuring artwork by international artist Jeremyville. It’s the largest Pride set you’re going to find this season. And while Mack Weldon’s Pride underwear is technically free of rainbows, $25 for every pack purchased goes straight to the Human Rights Campaign.



You could choose N2N for your 2015 Pride underwear because it’s flattering. But N2N’s even more proud with their Power G and Pride Competitor swim collections. Both are available in every color under the rainbow, and designed to really show off your ass. The Power G Collection does it with a thong-style rear. The Pride Competitor does it with sexy see-through sheer.



The papi My Pride 2015 Collection is for guys who like their rainbows subtle and their underwear full-coverage – so long as you choose the Brazilian Trunk. The collection also includes a thong and jockstrap, both with solid designs. With these, the rainbow is kept to an off-center brand logo on the waistband, and a small rainbow strap that runs around the elastic. It’s plenty proud, and suitable even after Pride month.

For more information on these brands: Andrew Christian, aussieBum, Happy Socks, Mack Weldon, N2N, papi

Photo Credit: Andrew Christian, aussieBum, Happy Socks, Mack Weldon, N2N, papi


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