10 Famous Beaches, And The Swimwear You Need For Each

Famous Beaches

It’s prime time to show off your beach bod, but nothing will kill your mojo like unattractive swimwear. Everyone will think you left the good pair at home and had to buy some non-discernable brand from a beachside surf shop. Breaking out the old swim trunks you bought in 2008 won’t cut it either, especially if you’ll be seen at one of these famous beaches.

Chances are you’ll be seen wearing nothing but, so your swimwear better be spot-on and fit however makes you feel the sexiest. Whether your plans involve faraway destinations or famous beaches you could road trip to, we sincerely hope you’ll be rocking new swimwear. This is The Underwear Expert’s list of 10 famous beaches from around the world, and the swimwear you’d love to be caught wearing at them.

Myrtle Beach, SC: 2(X)IST GOLD Camper Cargo Swim Short – White

Myrtle Beach is gorgeous, warm, and one of the calmer famous beaches on our list. Arrive with something more discrete and full-coverage than a swim brief. The 2(X)IST GOLD Camper Cargo Swim Short in White has gold accents to announce a higher style, and cargo pockets for a more casual finish.


Miami Beach, FL: BaNG! Temptation Swim Shorts

Miami, on the other hand, is a city prime for parties and other vices. Wear something bold and as revealing as you’d think. BaNG! is all about weaving Miami life into their designs. Their Temptation Print is one of their best, and their swim short cut is full-coverage and noticeably narrow.


Los Angeles, CA – Radical Element Luke Swim Brief – Peacemaker White

It’s okay to be a sexy devil in the City of Angels. Radical Element is as California as BaNG! is Miami. Their style bites down a little harder with their Peacemaker Print. Made from pistols it’s got a edgy attitude for men who like a darker aesthetic. Put it on a white swim brief, and the look is perfectly balanced.


Galveston, TX: Freedom Reigns Tech Fit Swim Trunks – Charcoal

Maybe less exotic than our other famous beaches, Galveston is a hip coastal town with a less urban beach experience. The Freedom Reigns Tech Fit Swim Trunks have a flattering narrow cut to show off your legs, and a V-cut, if you’ve got it. The charcoal color is also masculine, and the sporty look is a plus.


Maui, HI: Cocksox CX79PPR Boy Leg Swim Brief – Hendrix

When it comes to swimwear, Hawaii probably makes you think: skimpy, bold, colorful, or floral – but that’s too predictable. Miranda Priestly wasn’t amused by florals in spring, but we’re thinking the paisley Cocksox CX79PPR Boy Leg Swim Brief – Hendrix would win her vote, especially with its accenting gold on black and white.


Grand Bahama Beach: teamm8 Cabana Swim Trunk – Aqua

The Bahamas are an absolute escape, and something about the Aqua teamm8 Cabana Swim Trunk makes it dreamy enough that you’ll forget about reality. The aqua waistband and leg trims give it the athletic edge you’d expect from teamm8, but the smartly-colored geometric print is less fitness and more fashionable fun.


Cancún, Mexico – N2N Veracruz Sport

Cancún is one of the more popular of Mexico’s famous beaches, and no stranger to swim brief-clad men walking along its shores. Revealing styles of swimwear are more common anywhere outside of the US, and the N2N Veracruz Sport Swim Brief has an appropriately Latin aesthetic. Should also be worn in Veracruz.


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – Mundo Unico Swim Brief Playa Pinos

Rio de Janeiro has some of Brazil’s most famous beaches where brazen swimwear looks are fair game. Mundo Unico’s Swim Brief Playa Pinos has a wider cut that most swim briefs, but makes even more of an impact with its colorful geometric print. It’s bold and vibrant where teamm8’s Cabana Swim Trunk in Aqua keeps its cool.


Gold Cost, Australia – aussieBum Geotron Swim Brief – Daylight

What better brand to wear to Australia’s famous beaches than aussieBum? The brand’s variety of swimwear designs and styles appeal to just about any man, but the Daylight Geotron Swim Brief is still a favorite of The Underwear Expert’s. You get sporty colorblocking, seasonably stylish colors, and a flattering brief cut.


Nice, France: Petit Q Swimwear Boxer PQ14 – White

The South of France has some beautiful famous beaches and Nice (pronounced like “niece”) is one of best. You could opt for something more revealing depending on where you are, but The Underwear Expert will always recommend Petit Q. The PQ14 Swimwear Boxer has a cute square cut and a playful bandage accent on the rear. How do you say, “kiss it to make it feel better” en français?


Are you counting the days until your pack your bags and leave for one of our famous beaches? Other than swimming, how do you spend a day at the beach? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on these brands: 2(X)IST, aussieBum, BaNG!, Cocksox, Freedom Reigns, Mundo Unico, N2N, Petit Q, Radical Element, teamm8

Photo Credit: 2(X)IST, aussieBum, BaNG!, Cocksox, Freedom Reigns, Mundo Unico, N2N, Petit Q, Radical Element, teamm8, Wikimedia Commons


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