Wide Waistbands Part Two: Quick Thick Style

wide waistbands

There are several pairs of men’s underwear on the market designed with wide waistbands nowadays. And while these largely provide men with underwear of a sporty fashion, a little extra elastic can do a lot more than add some masculine style. Longer measurements in the elastic department appeal to brand-conscious men keen on representing their fashion sense. Underwear designed with wide waistbands can also use the extra elastic for a more contoured fit that’s slimming around the waist, especially on pairs with more fabric to hug you. Part two of The Underwear Expert’s feature focuses on wide waistbands that give boxer briefs and trunks an extra lil’ something.

Calvin Klein was one of the first brands to introduce wide waistbands back in 2007 with their Steel Collection, and they’re still producing some of the boldest bands around. The current Calvin Klein Intense Power Collection is designed with black waistbands, and the brand name applied in a contrasting color that matches the underwear’s body. Alec Leddy wears the Intense Power Trunk in Lemon. The yellow letters are as tall as the elastic is wide, yet still provide the pair with style rather than athleticism. Papi takes a similar approach for their Cotton Modal Collection – featured here in the Brazilian Trunk style. But as anyone who admires Papi would know, their brand name is bold and placed front and center.

Discover and N2N take an approach similar to Calvin Klein’s with their wide waistbands. Just like the Intense Power Trunk, Discover’s Deer Boxer changes up the waistband’s brand name to complement the underwear’s body. Because the Deer Boxer is designed with a wild colorful print, each letter in “DISCOVER” gets a different color. And because they’re also placed against black elastic, the colors pop even more. But this is not what N2N had in mind for the wide waistbands in their Luxe Collection.

Quite possibly the most stylish pair Alec models, the N2N Luxe Trunk opts for a dual-tone finish. “N2N BODYWEAR” is placed on the black waistband’s front and stretch from hip to hip. It’s a sexy, smart design you have to catch in the right light to truly appreciate. The dual-tone effect is elegant, and perfect for the N2N Luxe Collection. But after The Underwear Expert is done comparing size, it’s Saxx that makes the most of their wide waistbands.

The Saxx Fiesta Boxer is one of the few pairs featured with a color waistband. Papi, Funky Trunks, and Jor are the others – each using their wide waistbands to shout the brand’s name. The Saxx Fiesta Boxer, though, is designed with a gradient waistband. It fades down from dark green to light green, and complements the heather grey pair’s contrasting seams. The brand name is then placed in white, in all caps, and placed off center on the left hip.

Wide waistbands can be a little bit runway and a little bit running track. Chances are, your underwear collection could use some more wide waistbands. Whether your personal taste calls for something athletic or fashion-forward, there is a pair we know you’ll love to show off. And we can bet that you’ll see the wide waistband coming from a mile away.

Are wide waistbands something you prefer for their masculine style? Which of the wide waistbands featured in Part Two of The Underwear Expert’s feature do you like the best? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on these brands: Baskit, Calvin Klein, Croota, Dirt Squirrel, Discover, Funky Trunks, Jor, Milkman, N2N, Saxx, YOCISCO

Photo Credit: Jerrad Matthew Exclusively for The Underwear Expert

Model: Alec Leddy

Products Supplied by Baskit, Calvin Klein, Croota, Dirt Squirrel, Funky Trunks, Great Deals. Dist, Jor, Milkman, N2N, Saxx, YOCISCO


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