Ultra Violet Underwear: Purple Pairs For A Perfect Summer


No matter your ideal purple – regal, sexy, sporty or otherwise – there’s a pair of purple underwear missing from your collection. On the spectrum of underwear colors, purple pairs fall right beside red as a color that’s effortlessly bold, and practically guaranteed to leave an impression. Photographer Jerrad Matthew’s latest exclusive for The Underwear Expert is all about purple underwear better described as ultra violet, two words. The photoshoot features nine pairs taken up a notch by ultra-attractive designs – and model Marvin Brown’s eye-candy body.

Purple is most commonly seen as the quintessential regal color – sorry – royal blue. On modern men’s underwear, “regal” translates better as a clean and classy pair. Like with underwear brand Wood’s Hip Brief in – woudn’t you know it – Royal Purple. It has the same white waistband as their other pairs with the brand name stitched in gold on the right hip. When it’s placed above Royal Purple, the white elastic gives the pair a casual finish while the gold brings out the body color’s dressy side.

Even dressier is Calvin Klein’s featured boxer brief that uses dual-tone purple and refuses to let up on the color’s heightened sense of style. It’s the most regal pair Marvin Brown models with diagonal contrasts for a little sportiness. A darker maroon-like shade covers the boxer brief’s rear and waistband, leaving the front in a softer, lighter purple.

As fashionable a color as purple is, it’s relatively hard to contrast. The darkest color on the wheel, it’s more commonly paired with dual tones similar to Calvin Klein’s, as well as black and white accents. Technically yellow is its complimentary color, but no one wants to rip-off super-villain style. So which color contrast takes purple somewhere sporty? Cocksox and 2(X)IST introduce orange to purple, and the colors hit it off. 2(X)IST goes with a redder orange on a thick waistband to contrast their purple No-Show Electric Brief. Cocksox’s orange is a true orange and used more subtly as accents along the pouch and waistband.

There is, of course, another color we’re forgetting that’s long been purple’s partner-in-crime: pink. Papi’s Microfusion Performance Brazilian Trunk uses flat seams for one of the most subtle purple contrasts. The pink stitching still shows the purple underneath if you look closely enough. The wide waistband is designed with a fusion of purple and pink, almost making the pair’s contrast passable as a dual-tone design.

How many pairs of purple underwear do you currently own? How many of the pairs modeled by Marvin Brown were added to your wish list? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on these brands: 2(X)IST, Blackspade, Calvin Klein, Cocksox, Dirt Squirrel, Naked, Papi, Saxx, Wood

Photo Credit: Jerrad Matthew Exclusively for The Underwear Expert

Model: Marvin Brown

Products Supplied by 2(X)IST, Blackspade, Calvin Klein, Cocksox, Dirt Squirrel, Naked, Papi, SAXX, Wood


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