Try’st As You Might To Not Fall In Love With The Gregg Homme Tryst Series

Gregg Homme Tryst Series

Try’st to resist the Gregg Homme Tryst Series! With a healthy mixture of black sheer mesh and leopard print velour, how could you go wrong?

These sexy styles will have your significant other eating out of the palm of your hand. The black sheer mesh will show off a little bit of skin while still hugging your frame, leaving little to the imagination. Each garment also features gold accents, three cute pieces right above your endowment, drawing eyes down to it in all its glory.

Slip into the Tryst Jock (44.95), and draw someone in for some fun! The back has a special butt-enhancing technology that lifts your bum for a more flattering fit. The front pouch supports your bulge, while giving a reveal of what’s to come. The sheer mesh right above the gold accents shows off a bit of skin, drawing eyes down, and then further down to your bulge.

Feeling confident? The Tryst Thong ($33.95) will show off your hot body while only giving a tasteful sheer mesh view of your endowment. This sheer mesh pouch is accented with gold right above and leopard print velour right above that, catching your playmate’s eye, and drawing it right where you want it. The strap sits easily in your bum, giving a delicious view of your backside.

Need a sexy top to match these wonderful underwear styles? Check out the Tryst T-Shirt ($70.95) and the Tryst Tank ($54.95). Both styles feature a mesh front and back, revealing your beautiful body underneath and leopard print velour down the sides under your arms. The Tryst T-Shirt features leopard print velour short sleeves, making it a fun, playful garment to wear out.

The Gregg Homme Tryst Series is available in sizes XS – XL in the underwear styles and in sizes S to XL in the shirt styles.

Which style from the Gregg Homme Tryst Series are you dying to try out? Do you like to wear sexy and seductive styles for your S.O.? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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