Tommy John Cool Cotton: Beat The Hell Out Of Heat

Cool Cotton

Everyone anticipates summer during spring after the weather starts to get warmer. But then when summer arrives with all that uncomfortable heat, and the sweat that comes with it, summer doesn’t sound so hot (no pun intended). That’s why The Underwear Expert recommends giving your Tommy John Cool Cotton looks a bigger role in your warm weather wardrobe. Made from a featherlight cotton blend (86% pima cotton, 14% spandex), Tommy John Cool Cotton underwear and undershirts are designed to regulate your body temperature, and keep you even more comfortable with a silky smooth level of softness.

Underwear and undershirts from Tommy John’s Cool Cotton Collection replace the typical 100% cotton construction of undergarments with one that has a little more stretch for shape retention. This works ridiculously well with the Cool Cotton material – so silky soft and lightweight, you’d think you were going commando – if it weren’t for the supportive Quick Draw Fly. The material also uses a special cooling process that makes it dry 4 – 5x faster compared to other brands. This eliminates the possibility of overheating, and thus, being left with underwear weighed down with sweat.

Tommy John Cool Cotton undershirts are even better for those hot summer months. Plenty of men begrudgingly throw on an undershirt in hopes that the essential-yet-extra layer won’t smother their bodies. Tommy John’s Cool Cotton undershirts boast the same quick-drying and temperature-regulating ability as the collection’s underwear. They’re also designed to have a tailored fit that moves with your body. But what’s especially innovative, and appreciated, is the Cool Cotton undershirt’s Tailored Stretch Technology. Giving the stretchy fabric a longer length, this ensures the Cool Cotton undershirts stay tucked.

How do you dress for warm summer weather? Have you been wearing your Tommy John Cool Cotton looks more and more lately? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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