The Team Gets Wet In Freedom Reigns Swimwear

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Want to be the sexiest, best-dressed man at the beach? Take Freedom Reigns’ trendy-meets-sporty aesthetic and just add water. The brand’s new team of models slips into Freedom Reigns swimwear for this campaign. The athletic designs complement their clearly active bodies. So it’s a good thing Freedom Reigns swimwear almost comes exclusive in a revealing speedo cut.

Three different Freedom Reigns swimwear designs are modeled by Andreas Dutt, David B., and David Rest. Andreas and David B. take turns in the yellow Pump Speedo and the white Dupont Speedo. The Pump Speedo also comes in white, both with that bold floral accent panel. The Dupont Speedo is the sporty one with the awesomely off-center drawstring. It’s also available in black with the opposite color placement. And while those guys don’t mind sharing their Freedom Reigns swimwear, David Rest refuses to give up his pair.

David Rest models the fuchsia plaid Bio-Fit Speedo. It’s currently the only pair of Freedom Reigns swimwear designed with a pattern. It also happens to be, without any question, their most fashion-forward speedo. It’s the Freedom Reigns swimwear look for guys who make a splash even when they aren’t in the water.

The Tech-Fit Swim Trunk is the swimwear look for the opposite kind of guy. It’s also the other pair modeled by David Rest, ironically. The modern cut is as full-coverage as Freedom Reigns swimwear is willing to get. It’s a true square-cut trunk, extending just below the pair’s seat for plenty of leg to show. You can tell David Rest never skips leg day.

Freedom Reigns swimwear looks the most “Freedom Reigns” on the Americana Sport and G-Force Speedo designs. The Americana Sport Speedos are classically athletic with color-blocked navy, red, and white. They also feature an awesome off-center drawstring. The G-Force Speedo is also dabbled in the modern, but is a lot more bold. Its contrasting leg trim has nothing on the bold stripe right down the pouch.

Does your ideal pair of Freedom Reigns swimwear come in the form of a Speedo? Or do you prefer the square cut of the Tech-Fit Swim Trunk? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: Freedom Reigns

Photo Credit: Joseph Daniels for Freedom Reigns

Models: Andreas Dutt, David B., David Rest, Michael Chontos, Samion Wild

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