Strap On Your Stripes With The Xtremen Microfiber Striped Boxers Collection

Xtremen Microfiber Striped Boxers

Brighten up your spring and summer with the Xtremen Microfiber Striped Boxers Collection! This collection carries styles with varying thickness of stripes, many different colored stripes in one style, and a lot of different space between stripes. All styles are slightly different from each other, leaving you with a multitude of options to choose from.

Perfect for an active man, all styles are made up of a soft and stretchy microfiber blend: 80% nylon, 10% polyester, and 10% spandex. All styles feature a metallic waistband, in different colors accordingly; a contoured pouch to support your manhood; and vertical stitching to prevent rolling up.

51343 Microfiber Boxer ($19.48) is available in blue and gray. The blue version has thick blues stripes with complementing gold and white thin stripes, whereas the gray version features thick gray stripes with thin white and purple stripes. The 51342 Microfiber Boxer ($19.48)  is available in black and blue. This style features thin pinstripes of either black and white or blue and light blue, respectively. 51344 ($19.48) is available in white and gray. The white color features thick white stripes with neon green thinner stripes that are outlined by two thinner gray stripes. The gray color features thick gray stripes with thin neon blue stripes that are highlighted by two stripes in another shade of gray.

The Xtremen Microfiber Stripes Collection is available in sizes S – XL.

Which of the Xtremen Microfiber Striped Boxers are more you? Are you a striped-underwear-wearing kind of guy? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: Xtremen


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