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BoysGetWet is a Spanish brand all about creating sexy swim looks – their motto is literally “sexy or refunded.” But having seen Adrian C. Martin’s photo shoot with bodybuilder Gabriel Arocha, The Underwear Expert is ready for them to take our money. The leaning tower of muscle models seven different BoysGetWet swim briefs. Seven. No wonder we feel so lucky.

The Camo Swim Briefs in Forest and River are the more masculine pairs Gabriel models. The camo is stylized with a green or blue color palette, but not enough to distract from the most manly of prints. Of course, these sexy swim briefs are also the only ones designed with sporty external drawstrings. And while they add more function into the mix, we’re all about the masculine, fashionable touch they bring.

You could see Gabriel from miles away in the Solid Swim Briefs. In Green Fluo and Yellow Fluo, these neon numbers are reason enough to wear your sunglasses at the beach – plus, you could stare at Gabriel from behind the privacy of your shades. No one would know your eyes are going back and forth from swim brief to bicep to swim brief.

The Neon Swim Brief is one you’d want to soak up with your own two eyes. Run your eyes up from the dark indigo base to the aquamarine stripe, and then to the fluorescent yellow waistband. The Pixel Swim Brief also steals glances with its colors. The geometric print bravely and brightly alternates from black and white with yellow and sea green in between. But it’s the Dots Swim Brief that gives the bodybuilder a surprising amount of fashion sense. The sexy swim is designed with a gradient around the pouch that gives an effect not unlike an enhancing pouch.

Which of the sexy swim briefs from BoysGetWet do you think looks best on Gabriel? What’s your preferred swimwear style when getting wet? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: BoysGetWet

Photo Credit: Adrian C. Martin

Model: Gabriel Arocha

Location: Gran Canaria, Canary Islands


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