Rising Brand: Dirt Squirrel

If the first time you saw Dirty Squirrel was in our Floral Print photo shoot, you have no idea how provocative the brand can be. Not that The Underwear Expert blames you. Having only launched in January 2014, the Canadian brand is a baby compared to others. Dirt Squirrel’s first line included their take on underwear basics – as it should – as well as a galaxy print. But it was their second line, launched in July of last year, that really showed what makes this rising brand a contender for your new favorite underwear.

Founders Daniel Lypchuk and Wade Hopwo envision Dirt Squirrel as “a premium-casual brand that normalizes provocative behavior.” That’s exactly what you get with Dirt Squirrel’s Black Mesh Boxer Brief. It’s a Friday night, gonna-get-lucky pair of underwear you’d admit owning to your friends – hell, maybe even a first cousin. Mesh panels tease the skin of your thighs and rear, but separately, leaving just enough to the imagination. After all, the point of being “provocative” is to provoke them to come in closer for a better look. That being said, Dirt Squirrel is about more than creating alluring, orgasmic underwear.

The one thing no underwear brand can succeed without is comfort. The majority of Dirty Squirrel’s underwear – including their Black Mesh Boxer Brief – are made of bamboo fibre. It’s softer and smoother than cotton, and before that, it’s easier on the environment. Along with the Black Mesh Boxer Brief, Dirty Squirrel’s second line also introduced long johns in addition to their boxer briefs, briefs, and jocks. Lucky for us, Dirt Squirrel likes men like they like their underwear: comfortable.

The adorable, ripped Blake Postma models Dirt Squirrel’s Black Mesh Boxer Brief in The Underwear Expert’s latest exclusive photo shoot by Jerrad Matthew. He shows off the brand’s fashion sense and works that teasing mesh. As if his body wasn’t provocative enough, the sexy underwear makes it even harder to look away from him. The gorgeous blonde has the charm to pull off the look’s attempt at innocence, and the body to make it all the more enticing.

Lypchuk and Hopwo never saw a fashion brand in their futures. Both were university students when what would become Dirt Squirrel was first discussed, jokingly. The took a gamble after graduation, and it has paid off. Not just for them, but for men who wear Dirt Squirrel underwear. Their aesthetic fuses contemporary style with 90’s flavor. And as the men put it themselves, “Dirty Squirrel aspires to capture the essence of boldness and nostalgia of simplicity and shove it right down your pants.”

Go ahead and shove Dirty Squirrel. Go nuts.

Does the sexy Dirt Squirrel Black Mesh Boxer Brief still land in your comfort zone? What will your first pair of Dirt Squirrel be? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: Dirt Squirrel

Photo Credit: Jerrad Matthew Exclusively for The Underwear Expert

Model: Blake Postma

Product Supplied by Dirt Squirrel


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