Review: teamm8 Deck Swim Short

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Item reviewed: teamm8 Deck Swim Short – Navy
About the product: The teamm8 Deck Swim Short are made of 100% polyester and have a mid-length that makes them slim-fitting. They are available in white and navy, though either one you choose features the other color as piping on the sides, as well as a single pocket on the rear. The teamm8 Deck Swim Short features a two-button top with a vertical velcro strip in front. An elastic back provides enhancement for your rear.
What we like: Just in time for the warmer weather, the teamm8 Deck Swim Short provides a nice next step from baggy swim trunks. They have a good balance between baggy swim trunks and anything too revealing. Their slim fit elimates the baggy feeling most standard swim trunks provide. The teamm8 Deck Swim Short is perfect for taking a “next step” away from traditional swim trunks. The three-color design is simple without being too flashy.
What we don’t like: The velcro front, as well as the only color choices being navy and white.
When we’d wear them: At the beach when you’re tired of your baggy swim trunks.
Who we’d recommend them to: Anyone looking to move on from swim trunks, but who isn’t ready to leap to something too revealing.
In three words: Simple. Slim. Structured.


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