Review: Stash It Away With Smuggling Duds Black Boxers

Smuggling Duds Black Boxer

Item Reviewed: Smuggling Duds Black Boxer Shorts

About the product: The Smuggling Duds Black Boxer Shorts are made from 95% cotton and 5% elastane. A small front pouch opens and closes with two buttons. Sewn in next to the pouch is a small, narrow pocket, which also closes with a single button.

What we like: Plain and simple, the Smuggling Duds Black Boxer Shorts are super comfortable. The cotton — as opposed to Modal or any other cooler fabric — has a nice familiar touch, and feels great in the front pouch. The legs are snug without being restrictive, and the pocket is something new. We’re not sure what its purpose is exactly, but it’s there and it’s interesting.

When we’d wear them: At a poker game where a few extra pockets might come in handy to hide an ace or two.

Who we’d recommend them to: Card game players and pocket enthusiasts.

In three words: Pockets. Buttons. Utility.


For more information on this brand: Smuggling Duds

Photo Credit: Smuggling Duds

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